Whether having portraits or headshots or Personal Brand Sessions, these are products I swear by to prep for your amazing photos.  From hair products to makeup to outfits… this is my quick list to make life easier!  I’m also an avid business book reader, so I’ve included some of my favorites as well!  These are items i'm most often asked about and I do make a teeny tiny commission if you do purchase.  


OLAPLEX:  If you're like me and have kind of put your hair through hell, Olaplex is your friend!  This stuff changed my my hair!  

On damp hair, I use No 0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment (it heals all of those splits that make your hair frizzy and unmanageable), saturating my. hair from root to tip.  I leave it on for 10 minutes, then apply No 3 Hair Perfector (which strengthens and repairs your hair) on top of that from root to tip.    I follow with the Olaplex Shampoo & Conditioner, which I use anytime I wash & condition my hair to maintain the amazingness!  This is for ALL hair types!  Curly, straight, super fine, course... it will make your hair picture perfect!  I'll include other products in this line which may benefit other hair types specifically.

Not sure? Try this trial kit!


I love this Bobbi Brown Foundation stick for a number of reasons. First, no SPF which in photos, appears greasy. Second, you can apply where it's needed and blend it out - so you have super natural looking skin without heavy makeup over it. It blends beautifully, you can use it for concealer too! Your skin will look best with a trip to your favorite skincare specialist to get exfoliation quarterly - If you find your skin is flakey underneath your makeup, it's time! Be sure any skin maintenance is performed at least a week before your headshot or photo session so that your skin has time to heal.

This is my ABSOLUTE favorite eyeshadow palette on the planet! With this palette, you can go from natural to dramatic with a single swipe! Start out with the lighter natural colors for morning, in the afternoon add a slightly deeper color, then for night, get dramatic with a deep smudge of the darker color in your crease! This is the most fool proof palette that i've ever used and it goes well with most skin colors!

For a touch of moisturizing color for all skin tones, this lip balm is amazing! It makes your lips look gorgeous in photographs too! For blush, Mac's Orgasm and Laguna are my 2 favorites and you can totally get away with touching on some foundation, add a little blush, some lip balm then a little mascara and go!

Curling your lashes will open they eye up, framing your eyes beautifully! I actually recommend doing this for both men and women. Sometimes the lashes just hang down over the eyes and makes them look small. I curl my father's lashes because they actually block his vision a bit. This heated lash curler will help your lashes stay curled a bit longer! After curling, apply your mascara. I recommend They're Real! From Benefit. They coat every single lash and lengthen them without clumping. As for liner, one of my absolute favorites is called Rockstar from Urban Decay. It's not too dark, not too light, you can smudge it into the lashline for definition and staying power.
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Let's talk about those brows! Groomed brows are an absolute MUST when getting headshots or portraits. Over grooming can make them look sparse, undergrooming can make them look very sloppy and like sasquatch. Over filling can make you look like poor Uncle Leo on Seinfeld. That's why I love this brow mascara. It lightly coats your own strands so they stand out without being overkill. You can then fill in with a sharp brow pencil and they will look completely natural, not overdone and fake. Brows really do help your eyes stand out! So let's make them stand out for the RIGHT reasons! I typically go a shade lighter on the brow gel, and fill in with a color that matches my brows. It blends to look natural.


Women's Clothing:

Women, the most flattering tops for headshots or portraits are V-Neck with sleeves. Why? Because you want your neck to look nice and long and the sleeves are great because headshots are cut off at the shoulder, so having your bare arms sticking out can look weird. Even in full length pictures, long sleeves, half or 3/4 length sleeves just look more flattering. Try to stick with solid colors, as some patterns can be super distracting, or just not photograph well. Here is a great article about selecting the best colors to flatter your skin tone: Click Here to read the article.

This is a great top that can go from office to casual night out and it's super flattering style will look gorgeous in headshots:

I know it's tough to find super cute and flattering tops in plus size, and i've scoured Amazon to find a few! The one below can show curves in a stylish way! From what I read, it runs a little small so order a size larger than you need. It comes in a huge variety of sizes and colors! It's perfect for photoshoots because you definitely do not want to wear baggy, you want to bring some definition to the waste and wrap tops look great!
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Mens Clothing:

Men, I recommend finding shirts that fit well, not too loose, not too tight. This shirt is great because it can be worn alone or layered for multiple looks, plus it comes in a multitude of colors and sizes! It has cool detailing that isn't overkill.

And while this is not clothing, it's pretty cool for men if you're graying and want to bring some original color back. It actually works, I've seen it for myself on someone I know! It totally looks natural too, it's like magic! You can shampoo with it once a week or every other week, it's that good!

My Favorite Reads:

So I am a total non-fiction book junkie! I have so many favorites and i'd love to share some of these with you!