Ladies Hair & Makeup Tips

August 24, 2015

Ladies Hair & Makeup:


When doing your own makeup for portraits, be sure that your makeup matches your natural skin tone.  Be sure to also cover your neck and if you have sun spots on your chest, be sure to also cover your chest.  This will result in the most even skin tone for your headshot.  Remember that studio lights are much stronger than natural light, which can enhance your features, fill in shadows no one wants to show off, but also can show up some minor flaws. 

Below is a beautiful example of even tones on face and neck.


Carla has a naturally beautiful makeup look


  • Do NOT spray tan!  Spray tans tend to look dirty if they are uneven, and I can adjust your skin tone, so don't risk it.

  • If you have a a little peach fuzz (it's common), you can see a qualified esthetician for dermaplaning (Lina at Lavender Spa in Celebration offers it for $75. Includes: cleansing, enzymatic mask, dermaplaning & lymphatic facial massage. She offers 10% to celebration residents, teacher, military, cast member & FL hospital employee discount) - that removes all those fuzzies off your face and leaves your skin looking smooth and gorgeous.  Have it done a few days beforehand.  Some clients also carefully shave their faces, just be very careful with a razor on your face. 

  • Use lip liner that matches your natural lip color (important because it helps define your lips and keeps them from looking sloppy), along with lipstick that most closely matches your natural lip color.  Anything too bright, glittery, too orange or pink will look garish.  Not great for headshots!
  • Keep your blush pretty neutral – it will look much more natural and flattering.
  • Cover your roots!  If you have gray or white roots or any other color that doesn’t match your natural hair color, please have it taken care of.  I do charge to fix that!
  • Get your teeth whitened - it looks so much nicer.  I can whiten them via photoshop, but a natural pearly white smile is always better - and you'll match your headshot!
  • Get your brows groomed - this applies to both men and women, but men, don't go overboard!  Women - beware of heavily drawing in your eyebrows - it can look weird.  
  • Groom the nose hair!  It just won't look good having nose hair sticking out of your nose.  
  • A hot oil treatment the night before your shoot will let your hair be nice and shiny and keep it from frizzing out for your shots.  I use warmed coconut oil!  Just warm it up, apply to dry hair, cover with a plastic shower cap and towel, then either relax or do some work from home for an hour.  Then just hop in the shower and wash & shampoo your hair.  Presto!  Great hair again!  


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